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lkjsdoiusaoiajdoasjdiushsaiuhdoajkjhsgaidugas [24 Aug 2007|11:07pm]

long-haired-muscled-2004ed-Tailor-Hanson killz mi
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Lily Fox [13 Aug 2007|06:12pm]
"Reading everybody's stories makes me think that Taylor is never without that trademark expression of sly, ditzy glee, and that maybe a decade of dodging thousands of bizarre inside jokes which he is clearly not a part of has made him into a kind of magician of the soul. Like, maybe he knows exactly what's going on, but he hides it behind a veil of ever-clueless charm and vague sexual overtures." - Lily Fox/Susan

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BABY BABY YAYAYAYAYAY!!! [07 Apr 2007|09:47pm]
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me so happy for them.

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... [13 Mar 2007|01:21pm]
What is it about Taylor's piano that makes him look even hotter when he's playing it.


...Must be his passion.

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<3 [09 Mar 2007|12:45pm]
Ok so I can't get over how cute Taylor's babies are.
Ezra and Penelope have grown and River is a big cute baby. He really does look like his daddy with darker hair. His cheeks are adorable.
I see a lot of Taylor in his kids (all of them. Ezra, Penelope and River). And I see Ron Weasley (or whatever his name is) in Ezra, which makes him even cuter. His redish hair is the most adorable thing!

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they're beyond cute.
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TAYLOR HANSON [21 Nov 2006|12:32am]
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And then there is Taylor. The lead singer, heart throb, and beyond. The one you expect to be the best, but are never quite sure how realistic those expectations are. Taylor Hanson is a giant on stage. A painter with melody. He is the skin. The humanity. The very core of every part of every thing. Taylor Hanson stomps on the piano keys and throws benches and himself on the floor. Taylor Hanson has the power to rip the strings off of a guitar and stick his foot through a drum if the music moved him to. He would. And you would want him to. He has this overwhelming charisma that wins over the most rowdy and the most placid crowds. With the rowdy, he fools them into silence, and with the placid, he moves them to their feet. I have, over the years, determined that Taylor Hanson himself could save the world without anyone's help. He may very well be one of my favorite performers - terrible banter and clumsiness included, there is nothing like him. Taylor is what makes this band more than just another band. He takes the distractions in your head and disengages them - and all that you are able to do is watch and listen as whatever he does this time hits you right where it should. What is it that he said in the tour book? "Music is the only thing I have found to express every ounce of my being?" Yeah. That's Taylor Hanson. Quiet, soft spoken, explosive Taylor Hanson

he's officially my favourite musician and performer.
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[25 Oct 2006|03:47pm]
say something nobody knows about you.

you can post it annonymously (spelling?) just go ahead and do it. something you always felt like yelling to the world but never really had the courage to.

cause life is hard. oh hell yeah it is.
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